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Who We Are

We are a boutique architectural interior design studio with a passion for making a difference in peoples’ working environment. Backed by a team with in-depth experience in crafting custom built industrial, commercial and retail spaces, I.Dezign has helped many clients create interior environments which are inherently attuned to their organisations’ uniqueness in order to enhance their business performance.


I.Dezign aims to stand out by maintaining our standards in the 3 elements above.

Sharing the latest design trends with our clients and help them match their requirements and ideals to what is possible, we help them find the optimal integrated DESIGN solution best for their space utilisation.

Our focus on DETAIL means that our clients can count on us being meticulous about the finer touches and finishes on the work, which in turn means more peace-of-mind in trusting us fully with the planning, designing and implementing their environment for them.

The founders and their team are the face, heart and mind of the company and committed to an accurate and smooth DELIVERANCE of their Client’s projects. Implementing strong project management skills, assuring daily on-site checks on quality of works, providing risk control and keeping track of timelines are just a few important aspects we maintain for every project.

Finally, our BizSafe 3 certification ensures our clients can be assured of a high level of safety and health standards in the workplaces we create.