Design Philosophy

Our Responsibility

Central to every project that I.DEZIGN takes on is a belief that we have the responsibility to build upon the legacy of your business through our space designs. This is a huge responsibility, but one that we are willing to take on simply because we want to take the stress of the design process away from you.

This leaves you with only the fun and exciting parts of the project journey to ride along with. In fact, even before the journey begins, our designers help to prepare you by working out a plan for your project. This includes an ideal timeline, budget and a list of your needs so that every stage of the project is taken care of.

Designs Unique to You

In designing your commercial space, I.DEZIGN takes note to capture and convey the distinctive corporate image that is unique to your business, setting you apart from your competition. With each project, we adapt to speak the same language as you.

This means we take time to get to know you, the history of your business, the values you have inherited, the artistic direction you prefer, then put together a team of professionals to help see your project from pen to paper, to brick and mortar – your very own design vision brought to life.

Think Green. Do Green.

At I.DEZIGN, we are also big on thinking green. By working with reliable partners and vendors who provide innovative green solutions and recyclable products, coming up with sustainable design concepts become second nature to us.

It enables us to provide an environmentally and socially responsible client environment that will help decrease their carbon footprint, as well as overall energy and water demands – saving money in the long run.

Combining the elements of creative and sustainable design, together with the technical and mechanical processes required for each project, the I.DEZIGN team is committed to creating the ideal space for your business, a space that speaks volumes about your company’s legacy – past, present and future.